About Soul Baskets

Soul Baskets were birthed out of Maria Dancing Heart's book, The Last Adventure of Life. Some of her favoirte tools for relaxation and healing have been included in these "baskets" to help you and your family and friends move through the transitions of life with as much grace and ease as possible!

In keeping with the East/West flavor of Dancing Heart's book, each collection of gifts is presented in a furoshiki, a beautiful piece of cloth that the Japanese have long used to carry gifts and belongings in.

Maria offers the following five baskets at this time. However, it's highly recommended that you call Maria directly and talk with her so that she can customize a basket for your or your friend's particular circumstances and preferences.

Serendipity (Sampler) Basket
Hope (Letting Go) Basket
Joy (Care of the Soul) Basket
Love (TLC) Basket
Trust (Final Gifts) Basket


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