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Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is a seasoned hospice worker who compiled The Last Adventure of Life: Sacred Resources for Transition in 2005. The second edition was published last June through Findhorn Press of Scotland and is now available in your local bookstore for purchase (you may have to order it first). The third edition was published through Finch Publishing of Australia and is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

Maria was born and raised in Japan, and therefore has a unique cross-cultural foundation and universal perspective. She is a graduate of Yale and the Chicago Theological Seminary. She has served as a parish minister, then as a hospice spiritual and bereavement counselor for many years. She is a broad-based spiritual counselor who bridges traditional religion with the new spirituality being birthed around the world. She has a passion for healing and for world peace. For more on Dancing Heart's book and work, see www.changewithcourage.com.







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